Permanent Stallholder Application

Applications due by the 31st of January.

Have you been selling goods at the Eltham Craft and Produce Market as a casual stallholder? Are you looking to renew your permanent stallholder status for the coming year?

Becoming a permanent stallholder at the Eltham Craft and Produce Market offers many benefits, including:

  • A regular stall number so that your customers can find you in the same location at every market
  • A guaranteed presence at every Eltham Craft and Produce Market for the year
  • Competitive pricing
  • Promotion of your stall on the market's website and social media (optional)

This page provides you with the information to submit your application.

Please note: Your inital application will only be processed if you provide the following:

  • Photographs of items offered for sale unless previously sent.
  • Food applicants must enclose a current copy of their food handling/StreetTrader and liability insurance certificates.


New permanent stallholders will be allocated a permanent stall site if the application is accepted. The market co-ordinator will discuss this with you.

Stall Fees

  • $430 (annual payment) or $117 per quarter
  • If you require electricity, add $132 per annum ($11 per market)
  • If you're selling hot food, add $132 per annum ($11 per market)


Please read the Permanent Stallholder Regulations.


Once the Committee has approved an application, payment can be made via direct deposit into the following account:

  • Bank: Bendigo Bank 
  • Name: Eltham Community Craft and Produce Market
  • BSB: 633 000, Account number: 161749999

Please note that cash payments will not be accepted.

Application Form

  1. Status

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  3. Your Details

  4. Name:*
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  5. Business/Stall Name:
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  1. Your Goods

  2. Please give a detailed description of your hand crafted goods. If you are a renewing permanent stallholder, please list any new items that you wish to sell.*
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  3. Please upload photos of your goods.

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  6. Will you be selling food?*
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  7. Please upload your food handling certificate, StreatTrader Certificate of Trade (COT) and certificate of insurance.

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  10. Stall type:*

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  11. Does your stall require access to electricity ($11 per market)?
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    Note: All Power Leads must have weather proof connections, be tagged and tested.
  12. Do you have your own public liability insurance?
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    Note: Food and cosmetics vendors will also require product liability insurance.
  13. Please upload a certificate of currancy for any liability insurance that you currently have.
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  14. Will you be attending the extra market in the first week of December?
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  1. Submit Application

  2. Do you employ anyone in making these items?*
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  3. Do you make, grow or bake these items yourself?*
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  4. When departing the market, how long does it take you to pack up?*
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  5. Do you consent for your telephone number to be given out to customers*
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  6. Do you consent to having your details added to our website?*
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  8. Declaration*
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  9. The Market Co-Coordinator will be in contact with you shortly after the submission of this form to advise you whether the application has been successful and options for payment.
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Next Market

Sunday 20th December

8:30am to 1:00pm

The market is held every 3rd Sunday, with an extra market on the 1st Sunday of December. See future market dates

Located at Alistair Knox Park,
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