Busking Guidelines

The Stallholders Committee of the Eltham Market Stallholders Incorporated is responsible for the smooth operation of the Eltham Community Craft and Produce Market.

The Committee recognise that buskers contribute positively to the atmosphere of the Market and have an agreed on a set of busking guidelines in order to minimise disruption of the market.

To ensure smooth market operations, all buskers wishing to perform at Eltham Market are required to apply to the Committee. Applications must be submitted no later than 1st of the month and buskers must agree to comply with the following regulations:

  • Buskers are wholly responsible for all claims made against them for personal injury or property damage.
  • Buskers who attend the market and do not have their own insurance must assume full responsibility. The Committee of Management does not accept any liability arising from the activity of busking or for any associated equipment .
  • Buskers who have been granted Committee approval may operate in the market between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12.30 p.m.
  • Buskers will perform in allocated locations within allocated timeframes and perform for a maximum of thirty (30) minutes with breaks of thirty (30) minutes between performances.
  • Sound performers will be sited at least 30 metres away from each other and are required to act respectfully and cooperatively with each other whilst engaged at the market.
  • Sound performers must be respectful of other forms of busking and are expected to negotiate appropriate distances from non-sound performances based on the understanding that the sound may infringe on other performance.
  • In the interest of self-regulation, if a busker is located directly beside/opposite a stallholder and is breaching their permit or causing a nuisance (loud or intrusive, repetitive, or causing obstruction) the busker should make every effort to resolve the issue amicably. If there is no mutually agreed solution the busker will move on if requested by the stallholder and contact the market coordinator for further direction.
  • Buskers should operate at a level so that the sound:
  • Is not intrusive above background levels to the degree that a passer-by would have to strain their voice to be heard above the sound
  • Is not readily audible over other background noise when a person is more than two stallholder sites from the busker
  • The sound levels from a busking performance shall at no time disrupt market business trading.
  • If the noise output generates complaints or is determined to be intrusive, the busker must cease performance immediately or, if amplified, turn it down to a level acceptable to the Coordinator.
  • Buskers are responsible for maintaining pedestrian flow and public amenity at all times. They must ensure free and safe access for pedestrians along thoroughfares near the performance site. Wheelchair access must be maintained at all times. Where necessary, buskers will direct the crowd to facilitate such access.

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